Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Filling out W-4: Do I have more than one job

Filling out W-4: Do I have more than one job?
I do contract / freelance work from NC making approx 24k per year. When I file taxes on this work I do so with a 1099 misc. I'm filling out a W-4 for an out of state job in Florida (which will last 5 months). The W-4 is asking if I have more than one job... does the freelance work constitute as a job or not since it is not salary?
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1 :
Yes, it's taxable income so counts as a job.
2 :
Of course it counts as a job. By the way, onthe $24,000 contract job, have you held out $6000-$8000 plus for the taxes and sent them in for estimated tax payments already?
3 :
sure, it might be freelance but eventually it will be added to your regular income and cost taxes, plus you are paying your own SE tax on it

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